Moving and preparing your home doesn’t mean you have to live without your comforts! 

Sorting and pre-packing are empowering once you hit your stride, and it’s an undertaking with a beginning and an end. 

It doesn’t have to be a daunting problem, let a professional make it more manageable. Without planning, there is potential you could end up making your new home a new mess versus a fresh start.

While your sorting a room, it’s a great time to discuss what works about your home’s functionality and what doesn’t.  Planning for a new ways to organize and store now in your current home can work in your favor when you transfer to your new home. 

Items to have in abundance in every room during prepacking.

  • Markers
  • Paper for listing box contents and for box number and corresponding contents
  • Labels
  • FOUR boxes or designated areas for sorting
    • One for “keep”, “donate”, “toss” and “I don’t know” 


(Think about what you use now, will use while your house is selling and then those items that you’ll use but not right now)

  • Do pack and store for moving those items are that are not used every day, but are necessary to keep.
  • Don’t pack items used 100% now or very soon
  • All items being used are to be replaced in their appropriate place in an appealing and organized manner.


(any or all items that are no longer needed but in good shape)

Close up the boxes and prepare to take them to your favorite church or charitable organization.  Place the boxes near an exit to be loaded and dropped off, or schedule a curbside to be picked.  If you itemize all the items, be sure to ask for a Tax Receipt.


Ok… does this really need explanation? Get all castoffs and trash in the can by the side of the road for pick up!


I love this box!  This allows you to just take a moment to come back to this box when you are refreshed and review these items again with a fresh attitude.  Chances are… they won’t be as important and can be placed in Donate or Toss once you begin to see and feel how this process works for you.  You’ll start feeling lighter!

It’s hard to sort and go through our Stuff, but it’s a necessary part of making room for new or better.  Harder yet… is parting with that stuff.  That’s why the “I don’t know” box works so well.  It takes the immediate pressure off of making so many decisions. 

Working room by room, once a room is sorted, it can be packed properly and labeled clearly for storage until the move.  This is also a good time to rethink certain items and put them in a more appropriate group for packing.

A rule of thumb is to always pack all items from one room only, so you’ll easily remember where it was in your old home.  Move the boxes to be stored to a designated place out of the way, like the garage or shed, etc. 

Be prepared that a temporary storage unit may be necessary depending on the amount of boxes to store.  Creating too big of an eyesore with stacked boxes could be unfavorable.

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