15 Things We Overlook When We’ve Lived in Our Homes for a While (And Why That Keeps Us From Selling Our Homes Quickly)

We’ve all seen a home that has made us wish to have that look in our home.  That is what your goal should be … to APPEAL!  Not REPEL!  Decorating to live and decorating to sell are very different approaches.  But, decorating to sell can also be informative and helpful in making your next home more comfortable to live in!  That is where a home staging professional can help you sell your home AND define your style.

It’s just logical that we grow accustomed to our home and no longer have an objective opinion about how it looks, functions or smells.  It’s home and that is all we end up caring about.  We have so much going on keeping up with all of the schedules that families have, that our homes fall on the back burner.

Another concept that sellers often fall into is: “I don’t want to spend any more money on this house, I just want to get out.”  Hmmm… that begs the questions, “what are your running from?”, “are you tired of caring for your property?”  I always use a term that business owners know to be true… “you often has to spend money to make money!”  This is imperative to understand.  Investing what is needed in your home to show your home has been cared for translates to buyers and the opinions they form of your home… ahem… their future home. Read more

Color Cues, Crimes & Consequences!

What cues does your home’s exterior and interior color say to potential buyers? Buy me? Or, What were they thinking? If it’s the latter, that’s when you may be thinking you’re at the scene of a color crime!  So, then what? What are the consequences?

After we live in our homes for a long time we can become desensitized to what the colors are and what it really looks like. 

Choosing or determining the use of color can often be a scary undertaking for a home seller. There are many things to take into consideration.  Once you start painting… you may end up painting more than you anticipated! Read more

Packing & Moving Prep (That Won’t Make You Crazy)

Moving and preparing your home doesn’t mean you have to live without your comforts! 

Sorting and pre-packing are empowering once you hit your stride, and it’s an undertaking with a beginning and an end. 

It doesn’t have to be a daunting problem, let a professional make it more manageable. Without planning, there is potential you could end up making your new home a new mess versus a fresh start.

While your sorting a room, it’s a great time to discuss what works about your home’s functionality and what doesn’t.  Planning for a new ways to organize and store now in your current home can work in your favor when you transfer to your new home.  Read more

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