About Reimagined Home

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Here at RiH we are driven to collaborate on a joint mission with homeowners and realtors…

  • To sell a home as quickly as possible!
  • To assist in making the most money for the home
  • And keep the process as painless as possible (bear in mind, packing, completing tasks and work is just that…work, but with a great plan, it’s a lot better to work as a team.)

What Motivates Us

I am motivated by helping people achieve their goals of selling a home and opening a new chapter in a new home, decorating to make the most of their lives, and relieving many of the burdens of selling, moving and relocating.

So, what’s the Difference between Staging and Decorating?  Unlike decorating, staging your home isn’t 100% about your personal style — it’s about creating ambiance and appeal for buyers, for you.  It’s about showing off all of the best elements of your home so people see themselves moving into it.

Staging is more than just ‘depersonalizing’, it’s about elevating the overall appeal of the home. 

It’s about enhancing the mood and feeling people get when they walk through the front door a home.

It’s about creating functionality and improving the current living experience for you, which turns into what buyers will see.

It’s about better transitioning from sold home to new home and getting on faster with your future plans.

And, never underestimate the work in setting up your rooms and décor in your new home because it’s demanding enough just getting settled in the kitchen.  Don’t you agree?

Additionally, all of my concepts may be customized to your taste, so we can take and implement them in your new home! We’ll recreate all that you need, the colors you love and put it all together to make sense!  Room by room!

Why is Staging so important?

So, here the rub when you’re preparing your home for sale.  Who has time to figure out what sells a house?  Being overwhelmed with all of the decisions and things to do to get your home ready for sale?  Worried about what color to paint the walls, and if they even need painting?  Who needs that?

That’s where RiH comes in.  A staging consultant will help it be as stress-free as possible by removing the planning and guesswork from setting up a home for sale, as well as easing your transition into your new home.

Some of the benefits include:

  • a managed plan with milestones for timed accomplishment
  • coaching to achieve easier packing and unpacking
  • a home ready and staged for a scheduled open house
  • and much, much more

The winner in staging is YOU, the homeowner!

(Well, me, too, because I love it so much!) 

You’ll get the best dollar for your home, it will sell faster and you’ll enjoy it more while you’re looking for or moving into your new home!

How does it work?

I review your property as if I were a potential buyer because OUR GOAL is to create appeal to many different types of buyers.  I provide a detailed list of items that stand out and then we have a conversation to see how best to build a plan to maximize your home’s potential and fit your financial goals!

I help people take ordinary things and an ordinary room and transform them into amazing spaces, so they can feel proud and special to show their home to buyers.  I also distill the process of home preparation into manageable chunks and obtainable goals through organization, prepacking, and updating/remodeling planning.

From a small budget to a larger one, most all homes can benefit with professional staging to improve selling potential.  I will share the selling experience and minimize the pain of all the work that needs to be done by preparing a solid Action Plan.  My goal is the make your experience as stress-free as possible by working through the Action Plan with you.  I have fixes and solutions for everything!  Does that last sentence sound okay or right or wrong? Where could it go?

Things to think about when planning to hire a home stager.

When was the last time you updated or redecorated, improved the function, or reorganized or your home?  As creatures of habit, we tend to not change anything for the most part.

When buyers come through your home, they’ll see a different place than you do.  You’ll see home, they’ll see work to do.

The best thing you can do is identify and complete all unfinished projects, fix any broken items, and fix all visual problems.  Today’s buyers do not want to do a lot of work once they move in.  Seeing a lot of unpolished and unfinished things most often will turn off buyers.  Make it MOVE IN READY! I’ll help you determine what that entails.

Even on a tight budget, realize that you don’t have to do everything yourself.  And, nor should you try.  Your time and well-being is important.  Consider hiring a painter or other contractor as an investment.  Be prepared to farm out certain jobs will save you money in the long run and achieve the sale of your home faster because you get projects done quicker, which frees you up to complete other tasks more in your area of control, like purging and packing.


Staging typically costs from 1-3 percent of the home’s sale value.  Allow for purchases, labor, repairs, décor, etc.

An old adage is: “You often have to spend money to make money”.  Well, I like to borrow the philosophy that “Time is of more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time”.