Meet Teressa Arnette

Hello, I’m Teressa Arnette, farm girl turned city girl turned home-staging girl.  

My passion is helping people take ordinary rooms and make them into extraordinary spaces, so Homeowners can feel proud and special to show their homes to buyers.

I love the two things.  Well, I love lots of things, but with regard to ReImagined Home (RiH), it’s the thrill I get from the when the plan and all the hard work come together, seeing the results that redecorating and transforming a home truly make, then seeing how it helps people reach their aspirations. 

I love transforming…period.  I see potential in almost anything and am a firm believer and follower of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’… I would actually take it to another level.

Revive, Renew, Refresh, Reinvent, Rethink, Reinterpret, Recreate, Redefine, Reposition, Redecorate, Reorient, Repurpose,

By incorporating items that you already have and love with new fresh ideas is my specialty.  I love to have the home reflect YOU in a new and dramatic way.  It’s about allowing buyers to see themselves living in your wonderful home.

The Value I Want to Bring to the World

It’s life-changing to move, change surroundings and OMG, the work!  I take the pain out of the daunting task of getting your home ready for market and make your selling experience easier and less stressful!  When you work a full time job, have a family or many other commitments, who has time to coordinate all of the projects needed for getting your home ready for sale?  More than that…Who knows where to even start! 


We all want cost-effective solutions to fix, update, enhance and overall improve your home so it is desirable to buyers… that’s where I come in.  I’ll coordinate the stages of preparation, find assistance where necessary make preparing each room much more obtainable, and provide some peace along the way!

Your realtors are professionals who know what needs to be done, but staging isn’t their strength and focus.  Providing market wisdom and guiding you through the sale is their specialty!  I partner with you and your realtor to provide a successful means to an end!  A successful open house and a contract!

How did I get started?

I have always enjoyed creating and imagining since I was little.  My mother was probably my biggest inspiration.  She was worldly and sophisticated.  She was artistic and used color in amazing ways.  Her style was always relevant!   My love of interiors and color blossomed in my 20’s with getting to decorate my own home.  I loved helping people decorate then and it was my friends that said you should do something in this field. 

While working at a job, I met a realtor who said I didn’t seem to fit there.  He asked me “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  (I immediately liked him because that is one of my favorite sayings!)  I told him home staging and decorating.  The next thing you know, he asked me to try out my skills … and well, the rest is history! 

For the past years, I studied, practiced and worked through many renovations and staging projects.  I listen to my clients in what they feel, need and want, then work with them toward a successful home sale or new home decorating plan!

Where did I come from?

I’m a native of Springfield, Missouri and lived in Atlanta, Georgia for 20 years.  I returned to my roots in Springfield to be with my ailing father.  I fell back into my passion of helping people design and decorate and now cannot deny my destiny!

What was the genius behind the idea?

Transformation!  That is the genius behind RiH… I love the rush of making a home it’s best!  Simplifying, reorganizing, and enhancing.  Making people happy by accomplishing their goals.  That’s the other piece of genius!

My specialty is incorporating items that you already have and love with new fresh looks and ideas.  I love to have the home reflect YOU in a new and dramatic way. 

It’s about enhancing your current home now for buyers to see themselves living in your wonderful home.  And, then it’s about collaborating with you to plan for your new home to become it’s best.