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Seth and Brooke Allen

Working with Teressa was an enjoyable and very worthwhile experience for us.  Aside from the fact that Teressa is an excellent interior designer (we were very pleased with her work!), the most striking feature about her is her flexibility.  We always felt that she came up with ideas that were based on our personal preferences, and she really worked to make our home continue to feel like “our home” while always staying within our budget.  Teressa brings an enthusiasm and dedication to her work, and we know that she put 110% effort into making our home the best it could be.  We would strongly recommend Teressa to our friends and family, or to anyone else who may be looking for a great interior decorator.

Ron Coluccio

Teressa has always amazed me with her energy, ideas,  resourcefulness and definitely her results. Her understanding of how take a room, wall or any space and transform it into something pleasingly comfortable and functional never fails to score a direct hit. Her formal training and experience are major assets.

Kim Will

Teressa is one of the most gifted woman I have ever met when it comes to her artistic ability.  I truly believe my house sold only after Teressa staged the furniture, purchased new items and made recommendations on wall colors.  Teressa even provided guidance on how the house should smell to entice prospective new buyers.  I appreciate her passion and her ability to provide options and would recommend her to anyone that is looking to sell or decorate their home.

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